My Gift to You

Well, during my internet travels today, I happened upon quite a gem, that I will now share with you...and the WORLD!!!

Songs To Wear Pants To is a site that you should visit. It may take a while to load, initially. Don't worry, it's worth it. It is important to note that everything on this site is created by ONE GUY with a great deal of musical talent, a quirky sense of humor, and apparently, a lot of free time.

If you're too lazy to go check out the site yourself (you know who you are), I have included a few of my favorites here for your perusal and enjoyment:

The Sweater Song
- Not what you think
Napoleode - Inspired by Napoleon Dynamite
Beware the Sea Anenemones
Beware the Sea Anenemones Remix
Polka Loca! - The new party dance!
Reverse Escargot

These last two are covers of songs by They Might Be Giants. If you don't know TMBG, hang your head in shame. You are not a true geek.

Birdhouse in Your Soul
Experimental Film - This one sounds like The Pogues.

It is important to mention that ALL of these songs were just random requests by normal people. Some people paid for the songs, but many of them were composed for free. That's right. YOU can request a crazy song by this guy, and he will focus his creative energies on your hair-brained idea, and you don't have to pay him a red cent, you cheap bastard!

Anyway, enjoy.