So. I was really making some headway in a class that I absolutely HATE, but then I got a phone call and it totally derailed my train of thought. And my motivation, for that matter. Not that I really mind - like I said, I hate that class. It annoys me to think about it.

So I decided that now is the time for something completely different!

My sister posted a Christmas list on her blog, and recommended that others do the same. Feasibility and/or realistic expectation of getting the items on the list is unimportant, according to her, and I tend to agree. So, merely for the edification of mankind, here is:

My Wishlist

to become engaged (this has been on the list for about 4 years - I'm not holding my breath.)
a sewing machine
to not live with Bill
a Nintendo DS
an Audobon Society book on North American birds
more free time
a thumbdrive (you know, those little USB thingies)
We Love Katamari
various articles of geeky clothing
a trip to Japan
one of the many iterations of DDR and the accompanying peripheral
to laugh till I cry (tickling does NOT count)
a new wardrobe. Mine is sadly dated.
Typing of the Dead for the PC (not the Dreamcast!)
a digital camera
more money than I can count (hint: I can't count that high. Think in pennies.)

What do you want?