Midnight Snack

So, I'm having a little Halloween get-together on Monday, and I'm really excited about it. It's not a big deal or anything, but basically any time I get to play dress-up is a good time for me! Plus, there's candy. It's really hard to argue with that.

Unfortunately, my pad is somewhat lacking in festive holiday decor. But I talked to my aunt, and she gave me some great ideas. I'm particularly stoked about the boa bats that will soon grace my living room...

As some of you may know, tomorrow is my youngest sister's 21st birthday. At last, she can drink legally. I wonder if I'll ever see her sober again...
(No, in all honesty though, that's not really fair. She's not that much of a drinker, but of course I have to give her a hard time. It's what big sisters do.)

Tomorrow will definately be interesting, though, as the family situation is particularly tense right now. Funny how brandishing firearms has that effect. Let's just say that my sister and my father are not currently on the best of terms. Seating them together at a small table in a crowded bar tomorrow may well yield unusual results. I have made it my personal mission for tomorrow to not get thrown out of a public establishment. I suspect that achieving this goal will require some effort.

Have you ever had a friend who made ridiculously bad decisions? Not all the time, you know, but someone who just on occasion seemed to be actively trying to destroy themselves? I have such a friend. I am baffled by it. Ah, well, I suppose that once in a while, everyone can dare to be stupid.