Yes, I'd like some cheese with that.

This is a post of me whining. You don't have to read it.

GUAH! I have been sooo super-busy that I am beginning to wonder if I will survive 3 more semesters of this. (It's 3 because Summer I and II count as separate semesters, even though they're short.) I feel totally lost in my Japanese class, I'm behind in Stats and Ed Psych, I have a paper to work on in Adult Appraisal, and I'm afraid to look at my Development syllabus, because I'm pretty sure it'll tell me I have some article reviews due on Monday. That's on top of the Japanese vocab quiz I have on Monday. AND, my house needs to be cleaned, and it's becoming clear that I am the only one who will clean it. We have company coming in this weekend, and I'm sure I won't be able to get anything academic done. And I'll be lucky if I can get the place cleaned in time.

Tonight, we're supposed to go to a friend's house and play a game, but I think that if I manage to plug some holes in the academic dam before 5pm, I should spend the rest of the evening cleaning the house in preparation for the arrival of "the brother", who is flying in at 9.40am tomorrow. However, I'm sure this proposition will go over like a lead balloon.

In addition to this whirling crapstorm of academic responsibility, I should be firming up my ideas for a thesis, taking the Psych GRE, and applying to PhD programs. Most application deadlines are in January, so that doesn't leave me much time. Complicating the matter is of course my old nemesis, money. I don't have any. Every program I apply to will have AT LEAST a $50 non-refundable application fee. Also, I have to pay to take the Psych GRE; I'm guessing that's about $150.

I applied for a job yesterday that I absolutely DO NOT have time for, but that seems to be well beside the point. And even if I could make enough money to cover just my academic costs, I couldn't make it in time, given the slave labor rates the work-study program is offering. And even if I did make all the money in time to send out my applications and stuff, I wouldn't have anything left over for Christmas or a certain someone's birthday.

The bottom line is that I'm swamped, swamped, swamped. I'm so overwhelmed, I don't even know where to start. It is only through sheer force of will that I do not run off naked and screaming into the woods. But let me tell you, that option is looking better by the minute.