I would just like to make it clear to anyone who may be in doubt at this point - I hate Jack Thompson. If you are unfamiliar with the excitable man who believes that EA is in league with the porn industry and that The Sims is a pedophilia tool, please read up. The guys over at Penny Arcade have a great narrative with relevant links up, and thier site is a good place to start. Hmm..., that's not working right now, but I'll get the link up in a bit. Also, there is a lengthy 80-minute radio interview with Mr. Thompson, which is definately worth listening to. In it, it becomes clear that on most points, Jack is a rational, normal human being. However, on certain issues, his logic takes a bizarre and terrifying turn.

If you don't want to dig for the info, here are some good links in what I think are chronological order:
It starts here. Jack makes A Modest Proposal. (By the way, if you somehow managed to escape high school without reading Swift's version, slap yourself repeatedly and head to the nearest library.)

Then, the guys at PA respond to Jack's open letter. (Look for the post titled "Jack Thompson")

Jack gets really angry at the guys at PA.

Jack's influential friends get sick of his nonsense. (The actual letter is at www.gamepolitics.com, but I can't link you to the specific post. The whole darn site is worth a read, but the letter is the first post made on Friday, Oct. 14, 2005. Scroll all the way down to Thursday, then back up a smidge.)

Jack fires back at NIMF. (Scroll past the first bit, if you read the post at the nonsense link, it's essentially the same thing. Jack's rebuttal is below that part.)

Jack renigs on his own proposal.

PA steps up, Jack tries to have them arrested.