It's that time of year again. Time to pull on those sexy liederhosen and polka till you pass out...that's right, it's time for....OKTOBERFEST!

It's a good thing Germans emigrated to the US, bringing with them their festival of beer. Without it, September is pretty boring.

Ah yes, September. Many people wonder why "Oktoberfest" is actually in September. The answer is, in Germany, it's pretty cold. Some smart person noticed that it's not comfortable to be outside at night in the middle of October. So a lot of the revelers would leave early, which also meant they bought less beer. This was bad. So, they moved the festival to September, when the weather is a bit more tolerable. Why didn't they re-name the festival "Septemberfest"? Who knows? Probably the same reason grown men voluntarily wear liederhosen in public. Nobody understands those crazy Gerries!

Tonight, I will make an effort to imbibe my share of Paulaner (the host for this year in Addison) and pull off a respectable polka. You should do the same. Be responsible and have fun!