Dorktastic Linkage

My friend "Jon Alberic" has started a fiction-blog, set in our D&D campaign's world. It's important for me to mention that it's fiction, because it reads like a journal, and I don't want you guys thinking he's one of those wackos who wears a cape and calls himself the "Baron DeMerde". (Teehee! Guess what that means!) The friend in question eats people like that for breakfast. But seriously, it's pretty good, and you should read it. You'll notice it has caused me to create a shiny new link in my sidebar.

While you're looking at my sidebar, it may occur to you that I have in fact added TWO shiny new links. The second one is pure silliness. I had contemplated creating a blog of my session notes from our current homegame, but decided I was too lazy. Then, when Alberic started his blog, I assumed (because of town names) that he was blogging our group's exploits, and I was glad that someone had finally gotten around to it. However, it turns out he isn't recording our party's deeds for posterity, so I have decided to get off my tukuss and do it myself. So that's what that extra link is. I should warn you that my other blog is protected by a "Magic Circle Against Coolness", so read at your own risk....