Not-So-Good Vibrations

Ha! That cracks me up! Whenever I go into this site to add a new post, it takes me first to this page called a "dashboard" with little updates and notices from Blogger on it. The most recent one offers a free spam filter for one's comments - you know, in case your blog is getting soo much traffic that people are actually spamming it.

I would like to propose a theory. Without venturing into the territory of the "Psychic Friends Network", I think we must all emit some sort of chemical, electrical, heck, maybe even harmonic signal that surrounds us, aura-like, all the time. Think about it. Adult women who live together tend to somehow synchronize their monthly cycles. At times, many people can exude happiness or gloom without saying or doing anything. I personally know someone whose silent "cloud of gloom" can extend over 30 feet, crushing all levity in its radius with its immense, impenetrable despair. Frequently, this person is unaware of this effect. But I think that even during times of nominal emotion, when we're just going about our daily business, we must be emitting this, this...field. Perhaps these fields interact. Perhaps two people, just sitting next to each other, can inadvertantly create a sort of cosmic harmony or dissonance. Because, sometimes, for no reason at all, we immediately attach strong positive or negative emotions to a complete stranger.
It happened to me earlier this week. I was sitting in class when a certain individual, previously unknown to me, entered the room. Despite the fact that I did not see this person come through the door, it sent a shockwave of negativity through my being. I stopped my conversation in mid-sentence. Logically, I had absolutely no reason to dislike this guy. Usually, I am a friendly and, at very least open minded person who firmly believes that everyone deserves to be treated with a certain "default" level of respect and decency. (At least, until proven otherwise.) And yet, there it was, this inexplicable contempt welling up inside me, focused entirely on this complete stranger. Just as I was processing a mixture of guilt and shock at myself for having such an irrational reaction, he did the worst thing possible. He spoke.
I needed no further convincing. The guilt, the shock, instantly evaporated. A very select few people just rub me the wrong way, but this guy must be an affront to the rest of humanity! Almost before he finished his sentence, all of the people around me, if not the entire rest of the class, were rolling their eyes and mumbling "Wow, I hate that guy.", almost in unison.
It was a bizarre experience. I'm sure it will make for an interesting semester of Japanese.