Little-Known Facts

I am so happy! Earlier this week, my personal handyman extraordinaire (I love you!) installed shelves over my desk! Those things are so handy, shelves. They keep stuff from piling up on the floor. I recommend them to everyone. Then, yesterday, I...CLEANED MY ROOM! I know, I didn't think it was possible, either. Now, I can see my carpet, my computer chair, AND the top of my desk! It's a miracle!

[insert sound of screeching record here]

This is important, before you guys go off thinking I'm a totally disgusting ooze-like creature, thriving in my own filth and detritus: to my credit, I am NOT one of those "messy-nast" people. You know, the kind that lives among empty soda bottles, discarded dishes, last month's pizza and dirty kleenex. My room is never knee-deep in Scheisse, there are no rabbit-trails. My messes consist almost entirely of laundry, with the occassional bit of piled paperwork thrown in. Just so that's settled.

Also, I finally got around to cleaning and refilling my hummingbird feeder. If you don't have one of these, you should get one. They are mess-less and idiot-proof, and the little hummingbirds are so cool! They hover like mini-helicopters! We have a whole hummingbird family that visits ours. Have you ever seen a baby hummingbird?? They are SOO cute!
If you set up a hummingbird feeder, do yourself and the wildlife a favor and DON'T fill it with sugarwater and red food coloring. Go out and spend the 3 bucks on commercial hummingbird food with added vitamin-mineral supplements. I learned that if you just feed them sugarwater, they don't get the nutrients they need (stuff they normally get from flowers and insects), and they can actually starve. So that's just cruel. Of course, I've also read the opposite, that they just hit the feeders for a quick energy fix so they can hunt more bugs, but I figure, why risk it?
My hummingbirds are Chunky McFattertons who seem to spend a lot of time at my little birdie-buffet, so I'd hate to think that I'm slowly starving them for my personal amusement.