Credit Where Credit Is Due

I would like to thank Beth (and my aunt as well) for helping me with this site. I am not, shall we say, a technologically gifted individual, and the minor glitches I was running into initially were leaving me a bit bewildered. Why were the links to Farrago sending people to the US Fencing page? Why did one have to sign in to post comments? Indeed, why would the site not just pull my ideas directly from my head, without all this nasty typing?? Fortunately for me, Beth is a champion "blogger", and easily resolved all of my complaints. Except, of course, for the psychic computer connection...
At any rate, things seem to be going much more smoothly now, and I believe I am beginning to figure this out. Please visit Beth's blog, entitled "Yeah, right, whatever...", the link for which you will find in the sidebar. I'm even relatively certain that it works!