Molasses in January

I have discovered an entirely new way to play D&D! Through messageboards! I realize that to some people, this may not be breaking news. But when I read about it today on Giant in the Playground (the website for Order of the Stick, see the link), it blew my mind. The idea that I can pop onto a messageboard, get my 5 or 10 minute D&D "fix" and then go back to real life, vanishing as quickly as I had appeared...well, for me, it was a truly earth-shattering concept. Not that I don't enjoy my regular gaming group - no, quite the opposite. But I also love the idea of getting to play my favorite game in bits and pieces, when I have time, and without the stress of synchronizing the wildly different schedules of at least four other people, just for the chance to blow up a few orcs with a fireball. Yes, this concept sure has potential.
Unfortunately, I haven't been able to bask in the goodness that may be messageboard D&D, because I CAN'T REGISTER FOR THE STUPID BOARDS! The proverbial "they" must be having some not- insignificant problems over there at giantitp.com. I filled out a simple form (enter a Username and email), and then waited no less than twenty minutes for the site to tell me there had been some kind of error. Not to be deterred, I re-entered my information. Only this time, I get a quick response telling me that my favored username is taken. Ludicrous! I AM the real Slim Shady! Grumbling, I offer a clearly inferior variant, and cringe slightly as I re-submit. Again, I am met with a swift response saying that my email address is already registered! HA! Perhaps my precious username isn't really taken by some impostor... I quickly try to log in, and with a clandestine snicker request my "forgotten" password.
That was 45 minutes ago.
I'm dead serious. I am currently STILL waiting for that last green chunk on the little indicator bar in the lower right hand corner of my screen to fill in. And no, it's not me, it's them.
So, at some point, I may be able to expound on the virtues (or failings) of messageboard D&D, but sadly, not today. But don't worry - I'll keep you posted.