It's Been a Long Time Since I Rock & Rolled...

Yay, Led Zeppelin.

I met with my legal advisor today. Nothing's certain yet, but she sounded enthusiastic. Apparently, I've pretty much done everything right so far, and it seems that we may have the makings of a good case. Needless to say, I was stoked.

I also met with an old friend of mine, one I hadn't seen in quite some time. She shared harrowing tales of life and death (really, she has to be the most disaster-prone person on the planet!), and I shared my (considerably less interesting) stories of the legalities of employment. Then we talked about theses and graduate school over Thai food, for about 3 hours, all told. We had quite a bit of catching up to do! It was great to see her, and I'm glad we got a chance to reconnect.

I've arrived at 2 important decisions. First, I should really buy a watch. Second, I need to resume my independent Japanese practice. I haven't studied since school let out and I lost my ichiban sensei, because without her, it just made me depressed. However, I have mourned her loss for long enough, and if I don't get my rear in gear, I will doubtless be behind the other over-achievers in my class. So that's settled.

And at last, and update to my pbp (play-by-post) D&D post. I finally got registered, I found a game rather quickly, and have started playing. I enjoy it, for the most part. At times, it moves pretty slowly, but that doesn't bother me as much as it might some people. For example, since people are only posting once or twice a day, a single combat can take multiple days. At times it feels disjointed, and is very, very different from regular tabletop D&D. However, it still has all the charms I had anticipated, namely the quick D&D "fix". I am sure that some players arbitrarily pick their stats and "rolled" numbers. (18,18,16,14,14,14?!? Really, who rolled that? God?) But the party I'm playing in is small, so deific number generation has not interefered with my niche. This is definately not a substitute for traditional gaming, but if you'd just like to run an alternate character on the side, and can refrain from taking it too seriously, you'll probably enjoy this kind of play. Another advantage I forgot to mention, but greatly appreciate, is the ability to actually play your character as witty as they are in your head! When you've got the time to think and type out a response, you can end up with a dashing rogue who actually SOUNDS like a dashing rogue, instead of that guy over there with a mouth full of Cheetos.