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Since I don't have TV, I was unaware of the extent of hurricane Katrina's devestation on my hometown of New Orleans, LA until yesterday afternoon. I thought it was just another bad hurricane, lots of flooding, yada, yada. In a city that is at or below sea level in most places, flooding barely qualifies as "news". Then, I saw the pictures. THE LEVEES BROKE. I can't really describe to you the impact that statement alone has on someone who has lived there. The levees are an essential part of the city, something almost taken for granted as part of life. "The levees will hold; the sun will rise", that sort of thing.

It has come to my attention that Bungie, the makers of the Halo series (maybe you've heard of it - it's an FPS on the X-box...) has made a very humorous t-shirt for the occassion, the sales of which will go DIRECTLY to benefit Katrina victims. If you would like to read about Bungie, why they made the shirt, and exactly how much of your money will be going where, PLEASE READ THIS. But better yet, GO HERE AND BUY THIS SHIRT!!!

Also, my sister told me about another potentially cool and easy way to help. Apparently, there is a search engine, Allgive.com, which donates 50% of its profits from advertising to the charity of your choice. So pick "Red Cross" as your chosen charity, and chances are all the ad money they make off you using their search engine will go to Katrina victims.