Cloudy, with a chance of Brainstorms

Okay, I have to blog this RIGHT NOW, lest the transient nature of my dry erase board betrays me.
I was at the library researching articles to review for a class, when I ran across one about the effects of computerized ostracism on self-esteem. That got me thinking...

1. Can a computer game (i.e., nonpersonal interaction) make you feel ostracized (as measured by decreased self-esteem and increased feelings of social isolation in a controlled, online environment)?
a) Are gamers (particularly MMORPG-ers) more sensitive or less sensitive to this effect, as compared to people who do not use computers for recreation?

2. If computer games can make you feel ostracized, can they also make you feel accepted? Is recreational online social interaction equivalent to recreational "face time" with friends?
a) Is there a difference between gamers and non-gamers on this issue?
b) Does it matter if the online social interaction is with complete strangers (friends you only know online), or with people you know in real life?
c)What are you missing with extensive online social interaction (ex. sensitivity to body language/vocal inflection/facial expressions, sense of belonging/involvement)? Or are you even "missing" anything at all?

Anyway, maybe some of this stuff will make for good thesis material. Let me know if you guys think of anything, too - I need all the ideas I can get!