Real Live Girl

So, the 21st birthday party for my little sister turned out to be a pleasant evening after all. Everyone behaved themselves, and we all had some really good beer. At The Flying Saucer in Addison, (the party site), they offer "flights". These are like, beer samplers. Sort of like wine tastings. They are grouped by location, offering a selection of beers from, say, Texas, or Around the World, or The UK and Ireland. I went with the Germany flight. It was a wise choice. Those people know beer. My sister discovered that Massachusets produces a beer that tastes vaguely of bad prune juice. My mother happened upon a beverage that can best be described as "Scottish Band-Aid Beer". All of my 5 oz samples were delicious. I am a particular fan of Erdinger Dunkelweisse. Those good folks in Addison can expect my continued patronage.

The Halloween soiree went well. I'm sure that many "cooler" people were/would have been bored by it, but I enjoyed myself. There was no alcohol for two reasons. 1) There were under-agers present that I didn't want to exclude, 2) I'm a cheap host. This may have put some people off, as some form of alcoholic beverage is traditionally offered at these types of gatherings, but this is not my concern. We played a variety of games, and consumed copious amounts of candy, brownies, and pizza. It was fun. The overwhelming majority of my guests arrived in costume, which was awesome. Hopefully, I'll post a picture of it one of these days.

There were other events in the evening that I would like to share with you, but this will have to wait until another time. Real life becons, and I have no choice but to comply.