There you have it, a real, live Kringus. I am very pleased that my cats do no yet do this. I mean, that's just creepy.

Those comics are rather funny, and they're from PvP. I think they get bigger if you click on them, so do that. Scott Kurtz, creator of PvP, went to UNT, and I believe he still lives in the Dallas area. Yay, alumni!

Sorry posts have been few and far between recently, it's the end of the semester and all, and I've been busy. "I've been busy", that's like my catchphrase for this year, it seems!

Yesterday was a certain someone's birthday, so we celebrated last night at Master Grill, Churrascaria. It's a Brazilian-style restaurant, kind of like Fogo de Chao in Addison. It was cool, but there wasn't a lot for me to eat. I thought they'd have shrimp or fish or something, but not so. Just a whole bunch of guys in funny pants carrying around large skewers of meat. Apparently, the meat was very good, so I'm glad the carnivore in my life enjoyed it.

However, at almost $30 a person, I need more than a fairly large salad bar to keep me happy. So, in the end, I got the chef to specially prepare me some tilapia (I know, tilapia is like the ramen noodles of fish, but it's all they had.) The chef, who either had a hearing problem or a heavy accent, not sure which, offered to prepare the tilapia in any way I wanted - but then didn't list any options for me. How do I know what he has back there in the kitchen??? He's the chef, right? I figured he could put all that culinary school training to use and come up with something for me. I ended up with two beautifully presented, nicely grilled, COMPLETELY UNSEASONED tilapia fillets. No sauce. No spices. Not even salt. Sprigs of fresh parsley and cold asparagus were artfully arranged over totally bland, slightly dry grilled fillets.

I'm sure all the staff were very amused that a person with food preferences like mine decided to eat in their restaurant. In fact, I'm pretty sure it became a joke. Luckily by that point I'd had two glasses of wine, and life was pretty great all-around. The desserts were really good. And they had a harpist. So that was cool.