Exciting New Experiences!

Today, (more accurately, yesterday), I had 3 finals and a presentation. I was...busy. I survived, my GPA probably intact, but I crammed my brain so full of information that after the last test, it turned to mush. Completely liquified. This "brain overload" has happened before, but not to such a degree.
Most, if not all people have mastered the multitasking skills required to eat while continuing to breathe. It could be argued that this is a necessary life skill. For a few fateful moments today, I was incapable of coordinating these two basic tasks. I actually inhaled cake into my nasal cavity. Yellow butter cake with chocolate icing, to be precise.
Yes, there was (and perhaps still is) cake in my nose! How can I be sure? I was sneezing cake crumbs for about half an hour.
Yep, I felt pretty sexy.

Just thought I'd share that.