May be Vader some day later

A while back I wrote about my silver mollies having babies. Remember, with the mysterious disappearances? Well, we ended up with 3 silver molly babies who've done just fine. I still can't get a picture of them, though. Sadly, I think perhaps my digital camera was not designed for aquatic photography. Anyway, a few days ago, while I was admiring the 3 half-grown baby mollies in the baby-box, something caught my eye. A baby guppy was hanging out (or more likely hiding after running for his life) at the top of the tank near the baby-bin! So, we ousted the mollies and put the baby guppy in there instead, along with another female guppy who looked about ready to have her fry. (We put the little divider-thingy in there, of course, because she'll eat the babies otherwise. Nasty creatures, really.) Then, last night, my guppy mommy had babies! Now we have 10 baby guppies! They are tiny - even smaller than the molly fry. So, anyway, if you want some free fish, I just happen to have a few extras...

After my all-too-brief respite, school has started back up again, and I am busy as usual. My Japanese class is kicking my butt. After not studying it at all over the summer, I feel as if I've forgotten more than I ever learned. Yes, it would seem that now I have an inverse knowledge of Japanese. Unfortunately, this is a class I'm taking solely because I want to, so I can't just write it off. In fact, I feel motivated to study for it even when I don't want to study. It's maddening, really. I keep telling myself to back off, relax and stop being such a nag about it. Geez! Can't I just goof off for a bit?! I'm such a slave driver!... These conversations I have with myself are leading me to believe that I may be spending too much time alone.

Hey! Do you know what happens next weekend? I'll give you a hint...It involves lots of beer! That's right! Addison's Oktoberfest (which is always in September) is next weekend. I'm so stoked! This is becoming my favorite holiday. Think about it - no obligatory gift exchange, no awkward family gatherings, no cleanup even. Just German beer, polka, liederhosen, and more German beer! It's the best holiday ever!