Chocolate Archetypes

So, ever since our new roommate finally moved in (after several months of paying rent NOT to live here) I've been baking a lot. He likes baked goods, and is akin to a bottomless pit in terms of food consumption. Most recently, I made a truly delicious 2-layer vanilla cake. And then I was forced to completely ruin it by covering it in chocolate frosting.

I can't stand chocolate frosting. I think the reason is because I like chocolate so much. I always feel cheated by chocolate frosting. Here we have a substance that looks, smells, and even acts alot like delicious, gooey chocolate truffle. But instead of being the paragon of chocolate good, it's just, well, not. No, gentle reader, chocolate frosting is a fraud.

In the same way, I strongly dislike chocolate cake. I know this has many people aghast. But, in my opinion, if I'm biting into a flour-based chocolate substance, it darn well better be a brownie, because brownies are like, the best thing since sliced bread. In fact, if we could replace all the sliced bread on the planet with brownies, we'd have to change the name from Earth to Utopia.
Yes, brownies are the absolute pinnacle of bread-like chocolate achievement.

Basically I guess what I'm saying here is that I don't bother with inferior forms of chocolate. Or, maybe I'm just picky.