So yesterday my sister called me and told me how cool she thinks I am. Seriously! She'd been talking to Max about my thesis, and was totally impressed. She even blogged about it!
Anyway, it totally made my day. I figure I'll respond in kind.

Rachel is awesome because she's got such savoir-faire. For all Sarah's quirky dorkiness and my abject nerddom, Rachel is the epitome of cool. I'm sure she must feel self-concious and out of place sometimes, but you'd never know it - she projects an aire of confidence and security that puts everyone at ease. She's also hilariously funny, and she can do spot-on impersonations that'll make you laugh til you pee. She can fit in anywhere, with any crowd. She is the only person I know who can say "nigga" and "gangsta" without sounding painfully white. She's also got rhythm - Rachel can DANCE. And I'm not talking about the whitey step-and-clap, either, this girl knows how to move. She's a total blast to have at parties. In fact, she may herself BE a portable party! Shotgun weddings, funerals, tense family gatherings... Rachel has a real talent for reading the situation and cracking the perfect joke at just the right moment, so that everybody relaxes and starts having a good time. She brings people together and encourages us all to stop taking ourselves so seriously and live with gusto!

I'll throw Sarah in here, too, because I don't want to leave her out!

Sarah is amazing. She has matured so much in the past 3 years, it makes my head spin. And yet, she's still managed to keep that essential Sarah-ness about her, an odd combination of cute, weirdo pride and endearing insecurity. And by weirdo pride, I mean she's proud to be a weirdo, like most people are proud to be American. She works very hard, and despite her occasional moments of self-doubt, she is a good mom. When it comes to her family, she is so self-less. I can't imagine having her responsibilities now, let alone being able to handle them when I was her age! Anyone who can clean up explosive toddler diarrhea and not lose their lunch has a steely determination to be admired. She's also incredibly loyal, and despite claiming to be kind of shy, she seems to make friends easily. I've always envied her ability to get along so well with other girls. She is creative, sensitive, and unapologetically goofy!

So, that's basically it - my sisters are super-cool and I'm glad my multitudinous plots to kill them when we were children failed! Even though I totally could've gotten away with it...