The Force that Physics Forgot

This is just about the cutest kitten picture I've ever seen.

I just finished the work for my online Summer II class, a riveting course on Educational Program Evaluation. Basically, educational evaluators are to the world of education what consultants are to the world of business. It's not really my cup of tea, but the textbook wasn't all that bad. In fact, in places, I even enjoyed reading it, which is a testament to the skills of the author. This stuff isn't what I'd call novel material, you know?

However, I am becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the quality of UNT's online courses. I recieved absolutely no instruction for this entire course. I read the book, I took the online tests (multiple-choice affairs which were automatically graded and recorded), and that was it. There was no discussion, there were no lectures, recorded or otherwise, and it was absolutely impossible for students to get a hold of the professor. It was not until massive confusion over the final project and the failure of the final exam to appear at the appointed time caused a wave of students to flood the department with distressed phone calls that some administrator was finally able to reach the man. He responded with a curt email, informing us that the test is now available, and not really addresing any concerns over the project, stating that it was incredibly simple and he couldn't possibly see how anyone could find it unclear. The whole thing had the sarcastically patient tone of a man who believes he is surrounded by a bunch of idiots. In fact, this man doesn't even work for UNT. He's an adjunct professor employed by the Dallas Independent School District!

Let's see.... He's not a professor, he doesn't even try to teach, he's never available for students, and he refuses to answer simple questions over projects he assigned.... I paid over $800 to take this class. I wonder, what exactly is it that I'm paying for?

Regardless, I tackled the enigmatic project, a sublime stream of BS radiating out from my body like visible waves of power. I have grown strong in The Force.

Fish update:
So, we had 3 fry, then we found 2 more in the tank. One of these mysteriously disappeared (with the lid on, no less. I have no idea what happened), and then one died. So now we're back to 3 baby fish, but these seem hale and hearty and are getting bigger every day.