It's true! A pack of these beasties can kill an entire party of 1st-level adventurers! I mean, an AC of 14, 2 claws at +4 and a bite... who cares if they've only got 2 hp each?!

But this dorkfest has been brought on by unsettling developments in our long-running campaign. Last session, 3 of 4 party members met their untimely end. I'm sure for some *ahem Targ* death is becoming a familiar, almost comfortable sensation, like slipping into one's favorite pair of old sneakers. Others have less experience with "the great beyond". My character, Mina, only survived the horrors by being a potent wielder of incredible arcane powers....and hiding in the back, like a good mage should. In fact, the bodies of her companions were only recovered because she cashed in on a favor owed to her by a certain celestial being. She knew that dangerous run to the fifth layer of Carceri to rescue a fallen half-celestial paladin would pay off eventually!

Or will it? The other players have decided they're unhappy with their characters, and are thinking of dumping them and starting new ones! But with only Mina to hold things together, the storyline we've been playing through for almost 2 years starts to fall apart rapidly. Which means we'll probably dump the campaign and start a new one. And me with my 13th-level wizard, whom I've nursed from level 1, on the very cusp of becoming an archmage! It's totally unfair! She's such a badass, even if she does only have a Strength of 4...