Can't You Hear Me Knockin'

So, I got Guitar Hero 2 for Christmas. And indeed, I am swiftly becoming a first-rate Guitar Hero. Soon, I'll be kicking your ass at a party near you!

I also got a DS Lite, and, let me tell you, it's awesome. Way better than the original. Plus, you can play Elite Beat Agents on it. It's a game where you save the world by dancing! Okay, really you're just tapping with the stylus, but the agents are dancing... Hey, did you know Ashlee Simpson's music is kinda dirty? I had no idea. But it is catchy.

Also, I've been playing some Titan Quest. "What's Titan Quest?", you ask. Do you remember Diablo? Or perhaps Diablo 2, affectionately termed "Re-ablo", by those in the know? If you have played those games, then you have played Titan Quest. Titan Quest is Diablo with Spartans (and slightly better graphics). "But,", you object, "why play a game you've already played... twice?". Because it's awesome, that's why. Beyond all the fluff, the beautiful cutscenes and the complex plots and the obscure Japanese storylines, what is the essence of every enjoyable RPG? Killing stuff and acquiring loot. The Diablo games and Titan Quest simply offer this in distilled form. Nothing really tops the sound of beating a digitized goatman with a club, or equipping some Godly Plate of the Whale.

I noticed someone (Kathryn!) wanted to know where I take Tae Kwon Do. See, I do read the comments! I study at Power Kicks Training Academy on Carroll Blvd. If you can forgive the cheesey website, there's some pretty valuable information there. I could wax poetic about Master Nestor and the greatness of my school, but the truth is if I don't put my dobok on right now, I'll be late for class and he'll make me do 50 push-ups.