Yesterday, a man called saying he'd found my purse! Apparently, his girlfriend saw it fall off the car while my sister and I were driving around Cleburne. Embarrassingly, this means that I did actually leave the purse on top of the car and allow Sarah to drive off. But then again, I was on a lot of medication...
My pride aside, my purse is completely intact, with all of its contents (including my GLASSES!) and in my sister's possession. I don't have to get a new driver's license photo (which is great because my old one is hot), I don't have to squint through the rest of Japanese this semester, and I get all my favorite lip gloss back! Needless to say, I'm stoked. I'm also totally impressed with the mysterious Cleburnites. They did not remove anything from my purse, and despite the one-month delay in contacting me, they have restored my faith in humanity. But not so much that I'm not going to put a seven-year flag on my credit...you can't be too careful!