Just so everyone knows, I spelled the title for this post right on the first try (even though I did feel the need to check it)!

Moving is such a daunting experience. Even though we didn't actually relocate, the sense of upheaval is the same. A majority of my stuff is still piled in boxes in my living room, making navigation quite tricky. I'm not sure where anything is, and it all feels strange and unfamiliar, which is odd because I've been living in the same apartment for almost 5 years. This has also been an excellent oppourtunity for what I call "The Great Purge" - getting rid of all the stuff (mostly clothes and shoes for me) that I haven't seen in several years. If I'd forgotten I had it, chances are I won't be needing it anytime soon.

I have mixed feelings about The Purge. On the one hand, I know it needs to be done, and I'm excited about getting things organized (if only temporarily) and having more space. And who doesn't like to rearrange their furniture?! (Okay, maybe most people don't, but I do!) On the other hand, it's hard to get rid of stuff. I mean, it's my stuff. I like it, or at least I did at some point. I find myself inventing bizarre scenarios when I would really need that torn-up pair of cutoff jeans, or telling myself I should keep something merely because I've already had it for so long. Of course, this is ridiculous. A ratty old pair of shoes that I no longer wear will not magically metamorphize into something wonderful, useful or valuable, no matter how long I keep them. They will continue to confront me with the same dilemma every time I clean until I finally rid myself of thier oppressive chokehold on my sanity. Okay, maybe it's not that bad. But you get the picture.

And then of course, there's the storage issue. I just don't have room for all of this stuff! If I acquire new things (and I like to think that I may be able to do that at some point), the old stuff will have to go. So it might as well go now. In all of this I've learned that for a woman who always feels like she has NOTHING to wear, I've sure got a lot of clothing!

In other news, I am completely petrified of my thesis. This project is so big, so intimidating, and so beyond anything I've done before that I don't know where to begin on it. And it doesn't help that almost no research has been done in this area. I feel like I'm standing in the middle of a huge hedge-maze on a moonless night, and my pocket flashlight just went out. Oh, and there's a psycho chasing me with an axe.

At any rate, I've been avoiding it, and that's very bad. All the avoidance in the world won't make it go away. I wish I could just fast forward my life until I get to the part where I'm done with it. What I really need right now is a montage!