Moving on up

Well, it's official, I'm a substitute teacher now, and I even have a badge to prove it! They'll run my background check and I can start working Monday. While I'm not exactly thrilled about giving up my cushy unemployed status, it'll be good for me to get out and work a little, and a bit of extra money is always nice. Plus, I still have complete flexibility with my schedule, so if I don't want to work, I just won't. I really put off getting a job because I didn't want to get tied to a schedule, and I also didn't want to have to work when Max was home. I like being all home-y and spending the afternoons and evenings together. Also, I didn't want to get stuck doing retail or data entry or some menial job I could've gotten out of high school. Granted, being a substitute teacher isn't exactly important or prestigious, but I think it'll be fun, and anyway, it's hard to argue with the hours.

In other news, we found our next apartment. Actually it's a townhouse. Our lease is up at the end of this month, and we really, REALLY have to move this time. We hemmed and hawed and put it off, but in actual fact the search was more or less painless and we knocked it out in a weekend. It's all over but the actual moving now, we've put down the deposits and signed the lease - we're moving to Carrollton in about 3 weeks. We leased at a complex that has properties in the Austin area (eight of them, actually), so when Max finds a new job, we can transfer to another property within the management company without breaking our lease, which is actually really convenient. Not that I even want to THINK about moving to Austin right now, because I'm currently stressing about packing up the apartment we've lived in for like, the past SIX YEARS!

But, we've formulated an outline of a 2-3 year plan. Amazingly, it was Max who brought it up. I guess he was really stressing about not having signed a new lease; having to move out at the end of March with no place to move to was not comfortable for him. Of course, I was the opposite - I knew we'd get the lease thing taken care of eventually, so I wasn't really worried about it. Once we signed on the dotted line, he was relieved, and I started in on an alarmingly steep downward spiral... For him, the moving thing has now been taken care of and is a done deal - for me, the nightmare of packing and moving and arranging and organizing and cleaning has just started... and it has a deadline. But anyway, right after we signed the new lease, we went to a great Cajun restaurant near our new place. He was in high spirits; I was staring bleakly into my Pepsi wishing it was vodka.

He said something along the lines of, "You know, what we really need is a house. I think, in a few months, I'll probably get a job in Austin. We can transfer there, and I think we should start looking for houses right away. That way, we'll have plenty of time to look around and make a really good decision. So, in about a year, I guess we'll probably be buying a house! Then we can get that puppy you've been wanting! And maybe we could get some actual furniture and finally get rid of that nasty couch we both hate. And once we have the house and job and stuff squared away, it'll be much easier to think about having kids. It'll probably take us two or three years to get all that taken care of and get settled, but I think it's a pretty good plan..."

Okay. These are pretty much the EXACT words I've been wanting this man to say for, I dunno, about FIVE YEARS, but at the time, I felt like I was staring into the abyss. Puppy? House? Furniture? Who are you and what did you do with my commitment-phobic husband?!? (Not that I really mind, but you know, out of curiosity...) Also, he's thinking "Puppies! House! Kids! Furniture!" and I'm thinking "How the hell am I going to get that piano down a flight of stairs?! There are things in cabinets in my kitchen that I don't even know about. How am I going to pack everything we own into boxes we don't have, move it 30 miles, and unpack it all? More importantly, how am I going to do that by the end of this month?!?"

But instead of saying all that, I had the good sense to just smile and say it was all a really great idea (because it is).