Dream On

So, I was checking my email and I seem to have momentarily stemmed the flow of demands on my time! I sat there for a few moments, dumbfounded, wondering if I had reached the end of the internet. As I was beginning to feel adrift in a sea of despair, I suddenly remembered... I have a blog!

Not as if there's much to write, here. It's been the same old - same old: thesis, Japanese, more thesis. I'm finally making some progress, though, as my survey went up for "beta testing" yesterday. It's not really a beta test because I'm not testing the survey per se - I know that it's reliable and valid. I had to check to make sure it worked on different computers, with different browsers, that everyone got their automatic results, etc. Basically, I had to make sure the implementation was okay. It still needs some tweaking, but we didn't encounter any major errors, so that's a really good thing. Now I just have to re-work the front page test-intro blurb and fix a few other minor details. I'm not sure, but I think there may actually be a light at the end of this tunnel...

This weekend we're going down to Austin for the 2nd time in a month. I really enjoy visitng my aunt, but this time we're going to see the senior Max, as he has come to Austin on a small errand. It's always good to see Max's family, so I'm sure it will be fun.

Valentine's day was a lot of fun, too. We were going to go to SushiSake, a highly recommended restaurant in Dallas, but we couldn't find it! We ended up going to Stone Horse, another Japanese restaurant that has been recommended by my mother. They weren't serving the regular dinner menu, so I didn't get to try the lauded bento box, but we ate sushi, drank sake, and had a good time. I had a Cosmo that tasted like red lollipops! Plus, I got to dress up, and I always enjoy that. All in all, it was decidedly better than last year's Valentine's fiasco.

Also in the news... we have recently acquired an Xbox 360, for the purpose of Chromehounds, Gears of War, and supposedly also R6 Vegas. However, I play it for Viva Pinata! Are you familiar with Dungeon Keeper? It's like that, but much cuter and with better graphics. And since the old Xbox was on the fritz, I can finally use the new one to resume my DOA Ultimate quest for the utter subjugation of all mortals. And I can play Ninja Gaiden Black, which may in fact be the pinnacle of awesome.