A Post!

It's been a while, and a lot has happened, but unfortunately, I haven't felt I could post about it. To tie up some other loose ends:

My car is still great, but I still don't have pictures because I am lazy.
We finally got an Xbox 360 from the repair center that seems to work.
My skin is much happier now and I'm addicted to Clinique products.

I'm in the process of jumping through hoops to substitute teach for my school district. It's surprisingly easy except for one minor detail: observation hours. I have to have 6 hours of classroom observation before I can sub. I can choose where I do those hours, so I wanted to do 2 hours at each level so I can have some idea of how things go if I end up subbing for 2nd grade one day and high school the next. Observing at the high school was a piece of cake, and even at the middle school it wasn't difficult after I got serious with the secretaries and stopped letting them send me back to a random answering machine. Getting into an elementary school has been a nightmare, though! I called no less than seven schools before I spoke to a human who could help me. Anyway, to make a long story short, I'm finally getting those last two observation hours out of the way tomorrow, and I'm pretty sure that means I can start working soon, which is great.

Hmmm. There's more I want to say here, but I'm not sure how to say it, so I guess I'll let it go. If I can tease things out a little more, I might post again later. Or not! You'll just have to wait and see! ;)