So, I'm back! Please forgive the long absence from the blog, as you probably know, the wedding had me totally occupied.

Yes, that's right, the wedding. I'm married now! You may have noticed my new and improved name in the corner over there. Yesterday, I had the first experience in what I imagine will be a long lifetime of people addressing me as the incorrect "Mrs. Winters". There is only one of me. I am a "Winter". Just one winter, not several. This is actually more convenient, because, as anyone with a plural surname knows, addressing us as a couple is easier without that extra "s" hanging around. At any rate, people almost never messed up my maiden name (Martin is pretty straightforward, after all), so I was surprised to discover how frustrating it is to have people screw up my new name. And it's not like it's very difficult. I know a Mrs. Navarratte who really has no grounds for complaint, in my opinion, when people misspell or mispronounce her name. That thing's a bitch! But "winter" is a very common word and you'd think people would be able to get it right, especially when they're looking at a piece of paper with my name on it! Oh well.

The honeymoon was awesome; we took a cruise to Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Belize City, and Roatan (Honduras). It started off a little shaky - Max unpacked my camera during the wedding to take pictures and didn't put it back, in fact it's still AWOL. So we started our honeymoon with NO CAMERA. As I was contemplating whether this was grounds for annulment, my mom came through and had us buy her a camera in Tampa (the port we were sailing from) that we could "borrow" on the cruise. So it worked out in the end, and we have honeymoon pictures, and I may eventually post some of them, if I get around to it.

Also, the first night on the ship, our meal was AWFUL. The server was a nightmare. Seriously, it was some of the worst service I've ever had in my life, and we were on a cruise ship! The service is supposed to be outstanding! So that kind of tainted the first day or so, but then the issue was resolved and we spent the rest of the cruise with a wonderful, amazing waitress who improved our opinions immensely. We had a great, great, great time, and we can't wait to do it again - with friends, maybe?

In other news, I'm currently downloading WOW. Yes, I gave in. I only have 20 people in my study! In desperation, I realized that I can download a 10-day free trial and spend those 10 days hawking my study to people who are actually playing right now. The only problem is, I think I have to pick a side - Alliance or Horde, and once I pick one, does that mean I can't talk or post in the other's forums? Because I think that's called "sample bias". I'll have to work a way around it. But anyway, I'm well on my way to wider awareness for my study... yep, that sucker'll be done in, oh, about FIVE HOURS.

In the meantime, let me let you in on a little obsession of mine. Go Fug Yourself is a fashion blog that always cracks me up. These ladies are witty and on-point; woe betide the celebutante who wears her bra as a shirt, or leaves her skivvies at home, or contracts "tanorexia". Check it out, you won't be sorry.