Well, I replaced my car. As much as I miss my Honda, I have to admit that it's replacement - a BMW (!) - is much more fun to drive! I got a 1988 BMW 325is. It's red. It's a freakin' rocket. I was going to post a picture of it, but...

Well, when I plug my camera into the computer, usually the little program pops up that lets me transfer pictures onto my computer. But this time, it didn't pop up! I don't know where that program is or how to access it when it doesn't just come up on its own...

I think what I'm saying here is that I'm technologically retarded.

But, back to the car. It's an awful lot of fun. Max has been really enjoying fixing it up for me. Of course, it ran when we bought it, but it runs so much better now... he really is an excellent mechanic. Cheap, too!

Honestly, I was looking for another Honda, and I tried this car out on a lark. I would've never considered buying a bimmer, but now I don't think I'll ever consider owning anything else. Yes, it's pretentious, it's a yuppie car, the parts are expensive, yadda, yadda, yadda. But it's the German engineering! This car runs so well. It sounds so good. It's almost 20 years old, and it still wants to be driven. It's not limping along, like you'd expect a car it's age to do. It just doesn't wear out. With a bit of preventative maintenence, these cars will run they way they're supposed to, forever. I am totally impressed. I also like that the car is sporty, but not spartan. It's fast, but not finicky like some high-performance cars can be. It's comfortable, but it's not a land yacht. And it gets about 27 mpg, which isn't too shabby.

But enough of me gushing about my car. For my birthday, Max took me to Rockfish and I ate a pound and a half of crab legs by myself! It was soooooo good! I also got Pokemon Diamond (in keeping with the engagment theme) and Hotel Dusk: Room 215 for the DS. Since my parents were yachting in the British Virgin Islands over my birthday (the nerve!), we're going to do a Jess & Dad birthday combo celebration sometime soon, in fact, I think it's this weekend (?).

I've been working on wedding stuff, finding a dress and a venue, but it's been all uphill. I found the perfect dress, but it's $2000 and has to be imported from Spain. Oops. I really, really love it, though. I think my mother will not be best pleased.

I should really be working on my thesis, but I've been so busy with the wedding and the car thing, I really haven't had the time. Once I get the venue and date nailed down, I should be able to get back to it, though. I really need to push the IRB thing through this month.

I watched Ellie the other day for my sister, and she was great! Her speech is really coming along well. I mean, obviously she's still speech delayed, but I can almost understand her now, and she's clearly using words to communicate, instead of just mimicking. So that's definately good. Potty training is ... not so good. Well, actually, it's the poopie part of potty training that's not progressing well. I'll spare you the disgusting details, but the kid dropped a load that was 3 days in the making while she was at my house. Charming. She's totally fascinated by my animals, though, which is awesome. She wasn't even afraid of the snakes! She loves the cats, the ferret, the snakes, the fish, everything. I really like to see that in a kid. She was gentle with everything and was absolutely not afraid of any of them.