As some of you may already know, I got a new car (finally!). It's a beautiful '99 BMW 328i. It's a silver (technically, "titanium") 4- door sedan with a black leather interior. This car is like brand new. It only had 64,000 miles on it when we bought it, which, for a car that's almost 10 years old is absolutely amazing. It runs like a dream and we love it. I'll post pictures as soon as I take some (it's been so cold out lately, I haven't been motivated to spend a lot of time outside, you know?).

Yesterday, I was feeling very clever for noticing that there was a sale at Old Navy. The clothes there don't really fit me well, but I can usually get away with buying t-shirts and that sort of thing there. Anyway, I got a henley and a long-sleeved, scoop neck tee for $15! While I was in the fitting room, trying things on and feeling proud of myself, I noticed (under their very harsh fitting room lighting) that my face was all red and patchy and blotchy and gross! My skin's been going a little crazy lately, I guess because it's been so dry, but I wasn't expecting anything like that! As we were leaving the store, I told Max I wanted to go to Clinique in the mall. He gave me the "Do we have to?" look, and I was like, "Have you seen my skin recently?!?" To which he replied, "Yeeeaaah....I just didn't want to say anything..."

Okay. I understand that he was trying to be nice and not hurt my feelings or something. But when your wife looks like she has a horrible skin-eating rash all over her face, you do not let her go out in public, and without makeup, no less! You bundle her off to the nearest skin care counter and you get her some help. Especially since I have a tendency to downplay stuff like that. Well, actually, I completely overreact to the slightest little skin problem (because I'm not used to having any), and I KNOW I overreact, so I consciously downplay it and tell myself whatever the problem is, it's really subtle and I'm the only one who notices, and I shouldn't let myself blow things out of proportion, etc... Yes, it's messed up. So am I. Get over it.

Anyway, off we went, and now I have an actual skin care routine that I'm actually trying to follow. I know most girls started in with that when they were like, 13, but I've been lucky enough to have great skin my whole life, and now that I'm having to actually do stuff with it, it's kinda freaking me out.

Wow, that was some full-disclosure there, but it's what's been going on. In other news, I finished blogging the first session of our new campaign -you can find the link to The Geek Preserve in the sidebar.