Halloween Scream

I'm so mad I could spit! - But I won't because that's pretty gross. >:P

On October 20th, I ordered a costume from flirtylingerie.com for Halloween.

Cute, right? It was priced at $36.99, but it was on sale and the shipping was free, so I paid $29.59 total, which was a great deal, I thought.
The costume arrived on Saturday the 27th, but I didn't get it until Sunday. When I tried it on (just to be sure everything was okay - you never know) the zipper split. We fiddled with it, tried it again. This time we couldn't fix it. Upon closer examination, we discovered that one of the zipper teeth is bent.

Today, the 29th and 2 days before Halloween, I called flirtylingerie to try to resolve the issue. They agreed to exchange the costume for a new one, but I'd have to pay for the expedited shipping, which is like, $20. So I found a local shop that carries the same costume, and I requested that flirtylingerie just let me return their costume so I could buy another one (for $39) at the local store. Then things turned nasty.

They absolutely will not accept returns. After all, they said, I have to see things from their perspective. They have no guarantee that I didn't break the zipper myself. In fact, they check each costume before it leaves their warehouse, and since my costume was shipped, that must mean that the zipper wasn't broken when they shipped it (The logic is just irrefutable there, isn't it?).

I stood by my argument that I ordered the costume in plenty of time for Halloween without having to pay overnight shipping. It's not my fault that the merchandise was defective when I received it, and I shouldn't be penalized by having to pay extra shipping charges.

At this point, the manager I was speaking to suggested I get the zipper repaired, and they would reimburse me for the cost of the repair (but wouldn't mention the procedure for that). Dutifully, I took the costume to my alterations place, where they told me that they didn't have the appropriate zipper in stock, so it would take 3 or 4 days to do, and it would cost about $25.
Wait. I only paid $29 for the costume in the first place!

I called the manager back and told her about the $25 repair charge. She told me that was a ridiculous price (I kind of agree with her here) and that I'll need to find another alterations shop that is more reasonable. I point out that I don't have ALL DAY to run around town bargain hunting for repairs on my BRAND NEW COSTUME. Again, she pushes the exchange option, but won't pay for shipping. Oh, and now I'll have to pay the original listed price for the costume, since that sale has ended. So I can send them back my defective costume, and they'll send me a replacement, but now it'll cost me $7 plus overnight shipping PLUS the shipping cost to return the defective costume! Naturally, I refuse. She says she'll talk to the owner, and call me back in 10 minutes.

An hour later when I call her again, she informs me that I can order a new costume from them (at the original $36.99 price), I'll still have to pay for overnight shipping, and shipping of the defective costume, and a 15% RESTOCKING FEE (figured from the $36.99 price!) for the defective costume!

Please don't shop with them. They suck. And now I don't have a Halloween costume! :(