My Virtual Reality

I haven't posted in a while - I guess I haven't had much to say. I keep trying to come up with stuff that's "blog-worthy"... but it's my blog, right? Anything can be blog-worthy!

It's that time of year again - time for me to gamble on my conflicted inheritance and see what I get. I'm talking about gardening. If I were going to put this in D&D prestiege class terms (and I'm such a big geek, you know I am!) my father is a Verdant Lord. That is to say, he can simply will things to grow. When he plants a garden, the primary concern is containment. My mother, on the other hand, is a Blighter. Plants wither and die at her touch. She's not maliciously trying to kill all plant life, it's just that she seems cursed to leave herbacious destruction in her wake.

I'm really hit-or-miss with plants. I enjoy gardening, but sometimes things flourish, and sometimes they disintegrate into withered husks. So, when I grow things, it's really like gambling, double or nothing. I'd be content with a happy medium, though.

Having learned a bit about pumpkins from my last experiment, I decided to start them a bit earlier this year. The little cup of dirt and potential is in my windowsill now. I also put some marigolds and strawberries (yummy!) out today, and I'm hoping they'll do well. Especially the strawberries!

In other news, it's Spring Break for me, and I've been doing a whole lot of nothing! It's been nice, but there's definately stuff I should be doing (*ahem* thesis), so this vacation has not been guilt-free. I have been getting A LOT accomplished in Planescape: Torment. This is a pretty old PC game (I think it came out in 1999), but it still looks really good and is a fantastic experience. It's incredibly well-written, has an intriguing story, exceptionally developed characters, and manages to be dark and funny at the same time. If you have not played this game yet, do yourself a favor and make it a priority. Don't worry - your POS machine will run this. I also made a brief return this week to the Temple of Elemental Evil, and quickly remembered why I stopped playing it the first time. It sucks. When I play it, I am plagued with the sense that the game is cheating me - not fun. It claims to be an authentic D&D experience, and this may be true if you play under a power-mongering DM who is unconcerned with your entertainment. If you love tedious fetch-and-carry quests, hate fun, and are trying to cultivate some angst, play this "game".

That's about it for this time. I need to clean up my room and I want to do a little painting, too. Maybe this weekend we'll go down to Austin to see my aunt, her family, and "the brother", who has recently moved there from El Paso. I have to find someone to feed the menagerie while we're gone, though, and my options are quite limited. So limited, in fact, that there may not even be any options. I'd best get cracking.