I'm in the mood to blog

I really should be running errands right now, but I'm going to sit down and blog for a minute because goddammit, I want to!

We have moved. I think I really like our new place, but OMG do I hate moving! There is just so much stuff! Really, I'm not sure how much we threw away/donated, but I know it was A LOT of stuff. Bags and bags of stuff. And yet we still have MORE stuff! It's a little confusing. One would think the physical space limitations of our other place would've been reached long before we could accumulate such a massive pile of things. I'm beginning to wonder if Max's closet was not in fact a Closet of Holding +1; its inside certainly seems larger than its outside dimensions!

The only room left to do is the study, (or, as Sarah and Phil call it in their house, "the nerdery") but it's a doozy. When we're finally finished and settled in, I'd like to have a little shidoo (shindig + to-do) to celebrate. Of course, my introverted and socially nonplussed husband has reservations about the idea, but I think I really need to throw a little housewarming party for closure. It'll finally put a stamp on the move and let me feel like "Okay, we live here now."

In other news, have you ever seen the movie "Backdraft"? I'd somehow missed it until this weekend, when we ordered from our new favorite pizza place (Joe's) and rented it. It was actually a pretty good movie, despite the leading men being Kurt Russell and a Baldwin (William). Robert DeNiro and Donald Sutherland were really good in it, I thought.

However, two things:
1. Jennifer Jason Leigh looks like a frumpy hooker in that movie, and whoever did her hair, makeup and wardrobe needs to be dragged out and shot. I don't care that it was 1991. Those ensembles were never okay.

2. The theme at the end of the movie is the music from Iron Chef!!! +10,000 points of awesome.

As an aside, if you can, never eat chain pizza. There are local pizza joints NEAR YOU (yes, you!) that are soooo much better, and often cheaper. Take a chance, Google "pizza" and your zip code, and order from a place that is not Papa John's, Domino's, Pizza Hut, or Little Caesars. You'll probably be supporting a local, family run business (or possibly the mafia, as we suspected with our favorite pizza joint in Denton), the ingredients will probably be fresher, the whole thing will probably taste better, and it's very likely to be cheaper, since you're not also paying for a national advertising campaign.

Okay, Max is coming home for lunch (I love that he can do that now!), so I've gotta stop blogging and look busy! (Whatever, I've been busy!)